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3rd Anniversary Giveaway – Enter to Win!

We’re celebrating three years here at White River Growpro! We have had such an amazing ride, and we couldn’t do it without YOU our loyal fans and customers. To show our gratitude we are giving away some INCREDIBLE Prizes. Three prize packs in fact, one for each year of business! Check out the prize details, and how to enter below.

Contest ends August 5th, 2017. Winners notified August 7th.



ONLINE: Visit our Facebook Page, LIKE OUR PAGE,  LIKE and COMMENT on our giveaway post. You will get one contest entry for doing all three. Don’t miss any steps or it doesn’t count!

IN-STORE: Don’t have Facebook? No problem. Stop into the shop and enter! Everyone gets one entry, and you can earn more entries with your in-store purchases now through August 5th! For every $50 spent you’ll earn yourself one more entry.

PLEASE NOTE: All prizes must be picked up in-store. We are happy to ship to you if you cover the shipping cost.


GRAND PRIZE: Sun System LEC 315

One lucky winner will take home our favorite light, the Sun System LEC 315. This super efficient light will outperform a 600w High Pressure Sodium at 1/2 the wattage! This all-in-one model is easy to install, and you can daisy-chain up to 3 lights in a row. The best part about this light is the bulb. A Ceramic Metal Halide, this bulb will perform at 90% after 2 years (of 12 hours on per day) and only decreases to 85% after 6 years. That means a huge reduction in bulb costs. This fixture has an MSRP of $610, and are sold at Growpro for a discounted rate of $488+tax.


PRIZE #2: Probiotic Wellness Garden

Get growing with this Probiotic Wellness Garden Setup (just add your own bag of soil!). This prize pack is valued at $140. The Probiotic Wellness Garden (PWG) delivers the cleanest grow system available on the market: 100% organic, non-gmo, and probiotic! The PWG  uses a sub-irrigated planter (by EarthBox) and the only inputs/food in this system is lime, Gro-Kashi, EM-1, and Malibu Compost. This system creates an anaerobic growing environment that perfectly mimics nature. After set-up and top dressing your compost you just top off the 3 gallon reservoir daily and feed it a weekly Gro-Kashi Tea. Comes with step-by-step planting/care instructions.

The PWG is changing how medical cannabis is grown, allowing patients access to truly pure medicine. Nutrient runoff has become a big topic of concern, as has bioaccumulation of pesticides and nasty chemicals in medical cannabis. With the PWG any runoff is beneficial to our environment, and it gives us pure, clean medicine that is good for our health.

Learn more about the PWG and Probiotic Farming here. 


PRIZE #3: Three people will win a bag of Gro-Kashi

Valued at $25 each, Gro-Kashi is a must in every soil garden. If Kendall were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one growing product, this is what he would choose. It is a specialty fertilizer based on ancient fermentation, and it infuses life back into your soil supporting more vigorous plant growth, higher yields, and supporting a healthier environment as it bio-remediates anything it touches. Use as a soil conditioner in your base mix, or top dress it and build a beautiful mat of bacterial mycelium that will supercharge the breakdown of nutrients to your plant!

Gro-Kashi is hand made in small, artesian batches in Northern California, with extreme regard for the earth and our environment. The initial brew is made with ancient red wheat bran*, structured spring water, beet juice*, EM-1 probiotics*, EM ceramics, vitamin and enzyme complex, volcanic trace minerals* and pure holistic thoughts* to supercharge our microbes (*organic). The product is infused with indigenous microbes from the Laytonville, CA area. These powerful microbes, which have protected the grand redwood forests of Northern California, are big a part of the Gro-Kashi birthing process. Learn more about this product and the artesian processes used here. 

420 Sales Event April 19th-22nd


Happy 420!

We’re celebrating our favorite holiday with deals throughout the store April 19th – 22nd. Find savings of 15-75% as well as over 20 products for just $4.20 each. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your gear, stock up on potting soil, or get your nutrients for the summer at a reduced rate.

Heres a sneak peak at some of the deals we’re rockin’ this week:

Dr. Earth Vega All Purpose Dry Fertilizer – $4.20 Each (Savings of 72%!)

We love this all natural dry top dress! Perfect for your house plants or veggie garden, loaded with pro-biotics, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae. As an added bonus, it’s vegetarian and and pet safe!




Potting Soil Deals:


Happy Frog Potting Soil 2 cuft – 20% Off (Sale Price $17.56, Regularly $21.95)


Black Gold Organic Potting Soil 2 cuft – $10/Bag (Regularly $14.99, Savings of 33%)


Stock up on soil and save big!

Liquid Nutrients – Base +4 for 20% Off


Buy any base nute, plus 4 additives from the same line and save 20% off your entire nute package! Good on ANY liquid nute line!


These savings and MUCH MUCH MORE are available through Saturday 4/22/17 only! 


Get Faster Growth & Higher Yields with Hydro



It’s true! Depending on the plant you’re growing, you’ll get at least 2x faster growth, and bigger yields with hydroponics. Our personal experiments in the store with these strawberries show even greater than 2x growth rate…and depending on the study you read, some put the growth rate much higher than 2x with hydro.

Why do plants grow faster in hydroponic systems? The answer is simply that in a hydro system, the nutrients are more readily available for plant uptake. Think about it: in a soil system, plants must develop special roots needed to get nutrients from the soil, and those nutrients must break down to feed those roots. This process takes time. In a hydro system, the nutrients are already dissolved in the water, and the plant can take as much as it wants. With nutrients so readily available for uptake, and the ability of the plants to take as much as it would like, translates to higher growth rates, and in turn, higher yields.