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Get Faster Growth & Higher Yields with Hydro



It’s true! Depending on the plant you’re growing, you’ll get at least 2x faster growth, and bigger yields with hydroponics. Our personal experiments in the store with these strawberries show even greater than 2x growth rate…and depending on the study you read, some put the growth rate much higher than 2x with hydro.

Why do plants grow faster in hydroponic systems? The answer is simply that in a hydro system, the nutrients are more readily available for plant uptake. Think about it: in a soil system, plants must develop special roots needed to get nutrients from the soil, and those nutrients must break down to feed those roots. This process takes time. In a hydro system, the nutrients are already dissolved in the water, and the plant can take as much as it wants. With nutrients so readily available for uptake, and the ability of the plants to take as much as it would like, translates to higher growth rates, and in turn, higher yields.