EXTRACT!T 25 Micron Pressing Screens, Pack of 4


Our EXTRACT!T Micron Bags are ideal for separation and concentration of plant oils and compounds. Users can blend plant material with ice water or dry ice (without water) to assist in the separation process. Once the waste has been removed, the desirable oils and plant compounds can be squeezed with pressing screens.

All of these EXTRACT!T bags fit standard 5-gallon buckets.

4-Bag Kit includes the Pressing Screen and the following EXTRACT!T Bag micron sizes: 220μ, 160μ, 73μ, 25μ.

CAUTION: Always be careful when working with dry ice.  Protective gloves should be worn, and the dry ice should never come into contact with skin.  Do not combine dry ice with water.

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Dimensions 9.00 × 8.26 × 1.00 in


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