Gro-Kashi 2lb


Gro-Kashi is an artisan Bokashi that is made with higher amounts of EM-1 (Effective Microorganisms) and contains a multi-vitamin complex to nourish your plants and your soil microbial life. Made through a thoughtful and careful solid state fermentation process this product is a must have for probiotic gardeners looking to transform the health of their soil and their plants.

Gro-Kashi is made by hand in small artesianal batches using ancestral fermentation knowledge and a deep, passionate love for the earth. It is infused with indigenous microorganisms and minerals found in the spring water of Laytonville, CA, where it is made, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle.

Use as a soil amendment, top dress, or to make an epic tea for root or foliar application.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 13 in


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