Phat Elf 4″ Charcoal Carbon Filter


Filled with 100% virgin coconut charcoal, the lightweight Elf filter is specifically designed and sized to hang inside smaller grow tents or huts. Phat filters remove the strongest and most potent plant odors. Perfect for single-pass odor control and or continuous in-room scrubbing of odors.

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  • 4″x10″ Carbon Filter
  • 4″ Collar
  • Optimal CFM Range: 150-265
Note: Use the Phat HEPA filter to cleanse the air that enters into your indoor garden. Phat’s HEPA filter is the only true way to control mold, mildew, pollen and pests from entering your grow room. Phat HEPA removes all airborne particles down to .3 micron in size. Clean-air In (HEPA) / Odorless-air Out (Elf).

Additional information

Weight 4.80 lbs
Dimensions 7.60 × 7.50 × 14.20 in


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