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White River Jct., VT 05001

Potency Testing

Know Your Grow – See how your harvest measures up with our onsite potency testing services!


Testing is currently offered on days that include a “T” – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY.


We utilize testing equipment from SAGE Analytics to deliver test results in under two minutes without destroying the sample. The SAGE tester use spectroscopy – the science of how light interacts with matter – to instantly measure the potency of cannabis products at the molecular level. Our testing machine will measure THC and CBD content (THC-A, Delta-9 THC, Total THC, Total Potential THC, CBD-A, CBD, Total CBD, Total Potential CBD). It does not measure other cannabinoids at this time.


What we CAN Test:

Cured/dry flower: Wet buds throw off the machine, so please bring a properly cured sample for most accuracy. Sample size needed to run test is about 1/2 a gram.

Extracts, including: pure oil, kief, hash, wax, shatter, crumble, BHO, PHO, live resin, rosin, CO2 oil, RSO, isolates, distillates.


What we CAN’T test:

Concentrates cut with any type of oil or solvents, edibles, Vape Oil, Cannabutter, Moonrocks, Terpenes. Additionally this test does not measure pesticides, molds, heavy metals, or solvent residue. The machine only measures THC & CBD content in pure forms of cannabis.


Accuracy of the test:

+or- 1-2 % for flower , +or- 3-4% for extracts

***THIS TEST CAN NOT BE USED FOR STATE CERTIFICATION OR COMPLIANCE. Due to the margin of error, you cannot use this test to ensure hemp is THC free.



FLOWER: $25/test

EXTRACTS: $30/test


No appointment necessary. Testing is only offered on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.