Hunt for the Pheno Competition: East Coast Sour Diesel

July 1, 2020

Hunt for the Pheno Competition: East Coast Sour Diesel

Join us in the search for the next great East Coast cultivar!


Entries now due by 7/1/20


Here at Growpro, we have always felt that the original cut of East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) is one of the finest cannabis cultivars. With wide ranging appeal, this uplifting variety has smells of sour lemon skunk and earth. The problem is that the original is clone only and it’s become finicky to grow. We’re trying to change that.

We’ve been working on a breeding project with ECSD that is currently in the F2 stage – meaning there will be a wide genetic expression throughout the seeds. Somewhere in these seeds, will be a pheno that is as close to the original East Coast Sour Diesel as we can expect to find.

Under current Vermont law, which only allows for 2 plants in flower, pheno hunting can take years and years. That’s why we’re enlisting an army of growers to help us find the pheno, injecting over 10,000 free seeds into the Vermont growing community, and giving out thousands of dollars in prizes to the winners! This cross is sure to produce a lot of other amazing phenos as well, so as not to discount them, there will also be prizes for best non-ECSD phenos.


Pick up your FREE pack of 13 magical beans at White River Growpro (sorry, no shipping!). You will have until JULY 1ST, 2020 to submit your entry. Submit a 1/4 ounce of flower at any point before 7/1/2020. If we like what you’ve submitted, and you are chosen as a finalist, we will ask for a clone of that plant – so you have to keep the genetic alive – that’s the whole point! All clones will be grown out by a small group of growers to evaluate and select the final winning phenos. Winner will be announced by 12/20/2020.

THIS CONTEST IS NOT INTENDED FOR FIRST TIME GROWERS. This is not a traditional cannabis cup – it’s not about the biggest and best buds – it’s about finding the needle in the haystack: the ECSD pheno! Grow the plants in what ever style you want, with whatever lighting and nutrients you wish to use.


Prizes will include: $1000 gift certificate for first prize ECSD pheno, $500 gift certificate for first place non-ECSD pheno, and there will be prizes for runners up as well – gear, swag, beans – we’ve got a year to gather some sweet prizes to reward our growers!

As an additional bonus ALL CONTESTANTS who enter flower into the competition will be able to get a cutting off the winning clone! This contest is about sharing the love of cannabis, and this genetic, with all who wish to participate. There is no cost to you, other than what it takes to grow!


**Be sure to keep careful track of your plants and clones – labeling will be key!

**Take photos and keep a growing journal. In the event of a tie, any grower that submits additional documentation about their grow will win the tie.

**Keep it compliant – you’ve got over a year to find the pheno, so let’s do this within the confines of Vermont law.


We’ve taken a clone of ECSD (from a 30 year old cut) and crossed it with a gorgeous male Fire Creek OG, a cultivar developed by one of our favorite breeders, Omuerta Genetix. You can read more about the lineage of FCOG here, and you’ll see why we chose it, but long story short, FCOG has ECSD in its lineage.

That gave us the F1 cross that we call Creek DOG, and it has been a great plant to grow. Hardy, frosty, fruity, you can definitely see the OG Kush Breath heritage coming through in the flower development. Long branches with paired flowers running up the length. Earthy, sandalwood, kush fruit, and slight fuel notes coming through.

Next we took a gorgeous pair of Creek DOG’s and crossed them (M x F) This cross is an F2 and it’s what we’re excited about. When we look at what we can expect to get for phenos, we will likely see a wide range of earth, pinene, limonene, and skunk in various combinations. Somewhere in these seeds, will be a pheno that is as close to the original East Coast Sour Diesel as we can expect to find.

Description of East Coast Sour Deisel on Leafly: “East Coast Sour Diesel is a fast-acting attitude lifter that patients love for its truly sativa effects. This strain has a sour lemon smell and taste that’s crisp and uplifing. East Coast Sour Diesel is powerful so new patients should be cautious. those looking to alleviate anxiety or get some sleep may want to skip this high energy medicine.”


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