Home Cultivation is finally legal in VT!

Home Cultivation is finally legal in VT!

As of July 1st, 2018 it is now legal to cultivate cannabis for personal use in Vermont! The Vermont law allows for 6 plants per RESIDENCE (not per person), and only two of those plants may be flowering at any one time. The law defines “flowering” as “visible signs of flower.” On an indoor grow, we control flowering, so you should never have more than two plants in your flower room. Outside, Mother Nature decides when your plants flower, so it’s best to just do two nice plants outside to stay in compliance. The law also states that plants grown outdoors must be “shielded from public view.”

Who can grow? Anyone 21 years and older, can grow at their personal residence. If you rent, the law states you need to have written permission from your landlord. Cannabis can not be grown in a public place – so community gardeners are out of luck.

What are the limits on possession? You may posses as much cannabis in your home as you’d like, but out in the community you are limited to one once of flower on your person.

Can I buy cannabis? NO. Unfortunately the Vermont Legislature has been completely unable to come to an agreement on a tax and regulated cannabis market and has not yet passed any legislation to allow for sales. You can’t buy or sell cannabis in any form (flower, clone, or seed), but you may GIFT cannabis, within the possession limits to your friends providing there is absolutely no compensation in return.

So where the heck do I get seeds if I can’t buy them? Well, this is a conundrum of our current law. We help out our first time growers by gifting a pack of seeds with the purchase of a home grow package. If you have a friend who grows, you can skip the seeds, and get a clone from them! We are also able to offer suggestions of breeders that you can purchase seeds from online. Stop into the shop to chat with us and get a referral.

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