Introducing Growpro 2.0!

Introducing Growpro 2.0!

We are so excited to share with you our vision for Growpro 2.0!

View of the north side from Hartford Ave

Sitting on just over one acre of prime real estate on Route 5 in White River Junction, Vermont, Growpro 2.0 will house an expanded Growpro Garden Center, a Tier 1 Indoor Cultivation Facility, and a small boutique dispensary*.

View of the south side from Hartford Ave

The 4700 sq foot, newly constructed, multi-tenant building will have a barn vibe with a cupola and timber frame accents, and will provide us with the space we need to expand our offerings. Located on the north side of White River Jct., just 1.1 miles away from our current location, the property offers easy access off I-91 and our very own parking lot with 15 spaces.

Landscape plan showing parking and shed location

We are looking to build a near net-zero building that will be highly energy efficient and will be built to accommodate the installation of solar panels on the roof, to be added in the future as our budget allows. It is our intention to create a highly sustainable, efficient, and beautiful building that fits in well with the surrounding area.

On the 1/2 acre open lot behind our building we are planning to install a community food resource. This garden space will focus on perennial food trees and bushes, mixed with some traditional vegetable and pollinator gardens. We will utilize permaculture techniques, and work to transform the now vacant turf and scruff forest that currently exist into a thriving ecosystem to support the community. We would like the property to serve as both an educational resource for the community to learn about sustainable gardening practices and as a resource to provide food for distribution through our area food shelves.

Our project was approved by the Town of Hartford in December of 2022, and we are now working on the financing phase of this project. All our contractors are in place and ready to begin in the Spring of 2023, with a target opening of the end of the year.

If you are interested in supporting this project as an investor, please reach out! We have investment opportunities starting at $50k. Come build a sustainable future with us!


*Please note that a dispensary was NOT originally intended as part of this project and was not part of our original permitting package. This is a new change due to the strict CBD laws Vermont is in the process of implementing in 2023. We are being forced to open a dispensary so that we can continue selling the CBD products that we have sold for years and years. This dispensary will be small (300 sq ft!) and will focus on providing high quality, affordable cannabis products, including the CBD products we are well known for. This will allow us to transition all our wellness products into a dedicated retail environment, while focusing on selling garden supplies and servicing our commercial farmers at Growpro.


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