Why I Support Cannabis Retail in Hartford and Beyond

Why I Support Cannabis Retail in Hartford and Beyond

by Stephanie Waterman

Town Meeting Day in Vermont is right around the corner. This year, 43 towns across the state will vote on whether they would like to host adult use cannabis dispensaries in their town. FOURTY THREE TOWNS!! It’s a good chance cannabis is on the ballot in your town too, so be sure to get informed, and most importantly, get out and vote!

Towns opting in to retail sales is not only important to the success of the immerging cannabis industry, it is critical to ensuring a fair and equitable industry for all Vermonters. 

A “YES” VOTE is a vote for:

  • A fair and equitable cannabis market that serves all Vermonters. The more towns that opt in, the more businesses that will have the opportunity to serve consumers.
  • Breaking down the barriers to entry that favor large out of state cannabis corporations over local independent operators. The opt-in process is one that favors our current medical dispensaries, all of whom are large multi-state operators (MSOs), and who already have been given a 5-month head start on adult use sales.
  • Supporting small farmers and growers who depend on dispensaries to sell their products. Vermont has an amazing community of legacy growers and small farmers who are ready to bring you some of the best cannabis you have ever experienced. Supporting cannabis retail opt-in is supporting small farmers.
  • Bringing new industry, and new jobs that pay a livable wage, while attracting and retaining young people in our state.
  • Creating safe access and supporting the shift of sales from the underground market to the legal, regulated market, where the state will gain tax revenue. Vermont Dispensaries will provide product that has been tested for potency, mold/mildew, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants, and are only accessible to people over the age of 21.
  • Welcoming new tourism and more visitors to town, which benefits all businesses. Dispensaries will bring new tourism, attracting a similar crowd as Vermont’s many beloved micro-breweries do.

Please note that in the Town of Hartford, the cannabis question is the VERY LAST QUESTION ON THE BALLOT, question number 24. And it reads “Shall the Town authorize cannabis retailers in Town pursuant to 7 V.S.A § 863?” Voting day for Hartford is Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 from 7am to 7pm at Hartford High School. If you are not registered to vote you may do so by going to your town clerk’s office, registering online, or registering in person at the polls on voting day. Vermont offers same day voter registration, just bring your photo ID and proof of residency (like a utility bill, or lease agreement) to the polls!  


Want to learn more about the 2022 Town Meeting Vote and the cannabis scene in Vermont? Check out this explanatory video from WRJ resident, and our friend Rocket, from his show Rocket in Vermont. He does a great job condensing a very complex topic into this 12 minute video.

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