230 South Main Street
White River Jct., VT 05001

About Us

Kendall & Winston with the Hydro Table

Kendall with Winston, our store mascot

White River Growpro is a locally owned, family business, committed to helping you GROW! Opened in July of 2014, White River Growpro features products for both hydroponic and soil gardeners. The store is owned and operated by husband and wife Kendall Smith and Stephanie Waterman who have lived in town since 2001, and are both avid gardeners. Kendall’s indoor gardening experience spans over 25 years, and he is excited to share his gardening knowledge with anyone who wants to talk plants.


White River Growpro carries a variety of products including high-intensity grow lights, natural & organic fertilizers, hydroponics equipment, growing media, soil, water purification systems, fans, containers, natural & organic pesticides, and grow tents. And we’re not just for indoor gardening. In a region like ours with such a short growing season, starting your plants indoors is critical, especially for fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers. We’ve got the tools to help you start plants inside, and to keep them healthy and pest free once they’re outdoors.


We’ve got a vibrant community of gardeners here in the Upper Valley, and White River Growpro is excited to serve as a resource for them. We saw a need in this community for a specialty gardening store. Before White River Growpro opened, local gardeners had to travel outside the Upper Valley or order online to find these types of products. Now you can buy local and save on shipping. It was important to us to have the store in downtown White River. As a part of the community we have enjoyed watching the town grow and flourish over the last decade, and we’re excited to contribute to the revitalization of the downtown.